16 Mini Portable Guitar Amps That Sound Amazing

Mini amp guitars are perfect for convenience, especially if you want to have something that you can always play while on the go. It can be played at work in the office, in the man cave at home, and in various other places as they are very portable.

While some look at powerful speakers, others love very minute lightweight amp guitars.

If interested in finding out the best mini portable guitar amp whose investment will be worth every coin, then take a look at this article as we have compiled the 16 best mini amp guitars for your selection.

1. Vox Mini3 G2 Guitar Amp

Vox Mini3 G2

When it comes to Mini guitar amps that sounds epic, you cannot deny that Vox is among the top go-to manufacturers.

The guitar amp can be bought on Vox amps’s website.

The Vox Min3 G2 has a compact construction, is battery powered, and its model incorporates technology from the Valvetronix series.

Here are the Vox Mini3 G2 main features:

It has dual power choices, which include Six AA batteries that can last up to 10hours or an AC adaptor. This mini amp works best with the Polaroid Batteries.

VOX bassilator circuit conveys a heavy sound with low frequencies.

Features enhanced quality effects like chorus, flanger, compressor, tremolo, reverb, and delay.

Features enhanced quality effects like chorus, flanger, compressor, tremolo, reverb, and delay.

The Mini3 G2 comes with eleven amp simulators ranging from high-gain to pristine clean types, thus supports multiple different instruments.

It is made of an AUX input jack which enables it to connect to an MP3 player and Mic or any other audio sources that you would wish.

It comes in three different colors. Classic Vox, Ivory, and black.

Its controls include; Volume, tone, gain, effects, and amp simulators.

The amp weighs 8.02pounds and has detachable straps making it portable and is especially great for guitarists on the road.

2. Yamaha THR5

The Yamaha THR5 is also among one of the best mini portable Guitar Amps you should buy, especially if you are a guitar player that travels constantly.

It is among the most potent guitars as it is made up of a 2×3 speaker and has a total power of 10w.

Look at the features of the Yamaha mini amp:

The amp weighs only 2kg and has dimensions of 271x167x120mm, and thus very portable.

The Yamaha THR5 mini amp has two power supply options which include; 8XAA batteries which can last up to 8hours, and an AC adapter. For indoor use, the adapter is perfect, and when outdoors, the batteries will sort you out for a while.

The amp is made of a digital amplifier.

The mini amp inputs include an instrumental jack and an AUX, and the output also includes headphones and a USB port that can connect to a computer. It also comes with a complimentary Cubase A1, which is software that can be used to record.

Using this amp, you can add five different preamps: Crunch, clean, lead, Modern, and Brit Hi.

Its effects include; Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Tremolo, Chorus, and Reverb.

Yamaha THR5 Mini Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with...
1,172 Reviews
Yamaha THR5 Mini Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with...
  • Includes FREE Cubase AI music production software from Steinberg

3. Fender Mini ’57 Twin Amp

The Fender Mini Guitar amp is the best choice if a guitar player into the vintage Fender vibe. This portable amp is perfect for fulfilling the

needs of those who are always on the move. 

Here are the Fender Mini Guitar amp main features:

The mini amp is made of a 2 by a 2-inch speaker and is 1 watt. However, minute the speaker is loud enough.

The amp also has a double power supply; it features a 9V power adopter and 1x9v power batteries.

The amp also supports input and output as it can be connected to headphones, Mic, instruments, and an AUX.

Musicians can use either chorus, tremolo, reverb, echo, or delay when using this mini amp.

Its controls include volume, tone, power, and drive.

Its exterior is made of real vintage fabric and incorporated with leather handles giving it a much expensive look though it is very affordable.

Fender Mini 57 Twin-Amp Electric Guitar Amplifier,...
3,742 Reviews
Fender Mini 57 Twin-Amp Electric Guitar Amplifier,...
  • Enjoy pure portability from a petite sized amp packing a 1 watt punch. Trial 9V...
  • Makes for a excellent travel companion as no electrical outlet required and...
  • Practice in silence with quarter inch headphone jack

4. Boss Katana Mini Amplifier

This amp is famous for its awe-inspiring battery life; this means that if you are a person that would want to buy an amp to use, mostly outdoor, this should be your go-to.

In addition to its superb battery longevity characteristic, it is also whole fun to play and sounds extremely good.

Here are the Katana mini main features:

The Katana mini has 7 wattage, which produces a loud sound and a variety of lush tones.

The Katana amp has two power supplies: an AC power adaptor and a 6x AA battery, thus giving options to those who want to use it when connected or when there is no power supply.

The amp features volume, bass, gain, amp type, treble, middle, delay level, and delay time.

The katana mini portable amp does not have simulators but offers 3 choices of tones.

The portable guitar also has inputs and outputs, including instruments, AUX, and standard headphones.

The mini amp also has a USB output and can be connected to a computer.

The amp weighs just 1.2kg and is thus easy to carry around with a dimension of 230 x181 x116 mm. it also comes in black.

The mini amp comes in three types which include; crunch, clean and brown.

This boss katana amp has an in-built tape-style delay in providing a warm ambiance.

Boss Katana Mini - 7-Watt Combo Amp, Black
1,309 Reviews
Boss Katana Mini - 7-Watt Combo Amp, Black
  • Great Katana tone in a highly portable amp
  • Rich, full sound that far exceeds other amps in its class
  • Authentic multi-stage analog gain circuit and three-band analog tone stack

5. Roland Micro Cube GX

The Roland micro amp is packed with awe-inspiring features. Consider buying this mini amp when it comes to everything that a guitar player needs in one instrument. Take a look at its features:

Here are the Roland micro amp main features:

This mini amp is made of 8 COSM simulators and also 8 DSP effects. It produces powerful sound despite its small speakers of just 3 watts.

It has a dimension of 227 x 247 x 172 mm and is highly portable with a weight of 2.7kg. This makes it a perfect amp for playing both outdoors and indoors.

The amp-like many others, also have two power supply: a DC adapter or a 6AA battery.

It is a digital amp and thus has various effects and preamps on it. The effects include; tremolo, flanger, chorus, octave, and reverb knob.

The amp also has an extra perk, the I-cube link, which connects the amp to any iOS device. This provides users with an option of recording the music they are playing.

The Rolando micro cube GX has an input for the instrumental jack and the I-cube link and output for recording and headphones.

The knob panel of this amp is divided into two sets, and one set contains the basic settings like volume, gain, master, and tone. The other set is made of 8 amp models.

Roland MICRO CUBE GX Portable 3-Watt Guitar...
214 Reviews
Roland MICRO CUBE GX Portable 3-Watt Guitar...
  • Ultra-compact guitar amp with custom-designed speaker (Best with Polaroid AA...
  • Eight COSM amp tones, including the ultra-heavy EXTREME amp
  • Eight DSP effects, including HEAVY OCTAVE and dedicated DELAY/REVERB with spring...

6. Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp

Having been designed by a group of ex-Marshall engineers versed with the art of making guitars, this mini portable guitar’s size and weight make it stand out among many of its kind.

It also has a very distinctive design, just like all other guitars from the Blackstar brand.

Here are the Blackstar amp main features:

The Blackstar amp has a weight of just o.9kg and the dimension of 170 x 126 x 102mm.

The body of the mini portable amp houses a 1×3 speaker that delivers a 3Wattage of output power.

The guitar has an instrumental jack input and a line input that can be used to practice using backing tracks or just playing music. They also have the headphone jack, which is also a very crucial part of this guitar as it can be used for practicing anywhere.

The knob panel of this guitar is made of four knobs which include; gain, delay EQ. The ISF/EQ is unique to Blackstar amps only; this knob allows a player to choose two amp types of British or American sound.

The American sound gives a percussive, tight, and focused response, while the British style sounds crunchy, woody, and warm.

Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier, Black...
4,231 Reviews
Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier, Black...
  • Refer the user manual below for troubleshooting
  • Digital 'tape' delay effect; Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)
  • MP3/Line In for jamming along or listening to music

7. Marshall MG10 CF Guitar Amp

If you are looking to purchase a mini amp guitar that you can carry every time you leave the house, then the Marshall MG10 guitar amp is a great choice. It is the smallest you can find in the market of the solid-state guitar amp.

This mini guitar app can be found on Marshall’s website.

Here are the Marshall MG10 guitar amp main features:

It has a dimension of 110 x 140 x 60 mm and weighs 0.34kg making it very portable.

Its tiny body has a 1×2 speaker with an output power of just 1 wattage.

It has a headphone output and can be connected with an MP3 and instrument.

The amp runs on both an AC adapter and batteries for outdoor uses, though when at home, the adapter is preferable as the batteries don’t last long.

The amp front has three knobs meant for volume &tone, activation, and overdrive.

The amp comes in three colors Silver, Standard black, and red.

The microamp does not have an aux input and thus doesn’t support backing tracks; if you need this feature, you will have to look for another device with this function.

It doesn’t have simulators, and its controls include gain, contour, volume, and gain/volume.

8. VOX Pathfinder 10 Guitar Amp

The VOX Pathfinder is also among the mini Portable Guitar you should buy from the VOX model.

This amp, though, is made for a slightly different function than the one discussed earlier.

This super amp is meant for jamming and recording with other guitar players.

Here are the VOX Pathfinder main features:

The amp has a dimension of 380x260x170 and weighs 4.8kg.

The output power of this amp is 10 wattage, and its sound comes through a 1×6.5′ VOX Bulldog speaker, which is custom-made for VOX amps.

An AC adaptor powers the amp, and thus its use is only limited to indoor use.

The amp supports an instrumental jack input and a headphone output; the output can also be used for recording.

The knobs on the panel of this amp from its left to right are; gain, treble, clean/overdrive, and bass knob. The last is the volume knob, and there is a switch for putting it on and off.

The colors of this amp include Classic, union jack, and Denim.

It gives crisp, rich, clean tones and growling crunch tones.

Vox V9106 Pathfinder Guitar Combo Amplifier, 10W
3,190 Reviews
Vox V9106 Pathfinder Guitar Combo Amplifier, 10W
  • 10 Watt Practice Amplifier - The Pathfinder 10 pumps 10 watts out into a solid 6.5"...
  • All Analog - Fully analog signal path for warm and organic guitar tones. Use the...
  • Distinctive VOX Looks - With its classic diamond grille cloth and unmistakable tone,...

9. Fender Mustang I V.2 Modelling Guitar Amp

If looking for a mini portable Guitar amp that is both small and cheap, then the Fender Mustang is an excellent choice for you.

Here are the Fender Mustang main features:

The amp controls include; volume, gain, bass, treble, preset select, master, delay/reverb, modulation select, tap tempo controls, exit, and save.

The input and output of this amp include headphones, Aux, instrument, and USB.

It has 18 amp simulators to choose from; this can please any guitarist, a rocker, or plays jazz.

The amp has 24 preset sound choices and loads of good sounding effects like delays, reverbs, and tremolos.

It ships with an Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition software used for recording, PC, and MAC compatibility.

The fender mustang has a dimension of 19.3 x 39.37 x 36.83 cm; 7.71 Kilograms.

It is color-limited to black only.

Fender Mustang GTX100 Guitar Amplifier
3,789 Reviews
Fender Mustang GTX100 Guitar Amplifier
  • 100-watt Modeling 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with 40 Amp Models
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Smartphone Control

10. Orange Micro Terror MT20 Amp Head

The Orange Micro Terror is to go for when looking for a mini portable amp that won’t break easily or have a problem now and then when it falls.

Here are the Orange Micro Terror main features:

The amp weighs 907.18 Grams and has ‎27.94 x 15.24 x 17.78 cm. it is therefore lightweight and very portable.

Its hybrid design features a 12AX7 preamp tube paired with a 20-watt power amp to produce quality sounds.

Its power supply is limited to a DC 15V Adapter only, thus no batteries for outdoor use.

Its controls include; Volume, Gain, tone, and power.

The input and output of this amp include; headphones, aux, speaker, and instruments with no amp simulators.

Orange Amps Micro Terror 20W Guitar Amplifier Head...
63 Reviews
Orange Amps Micro Terror 20W Guitar Amplifier Head...
  • PACKS BIG TONES IN A TINY PACKAGE - The Orange Amps Micro Terror features a hybrid...
  • PROVIDES WARM, BRITISH TONES - The onboard 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tube offers...
  • GIVES YOU CONTROL OVER VOLUME, TONE, AND GAIN - The 3 adjustable knobs enable you to...

11. Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Mini Guitar Amp

For those looking to buy a mini portable guitar amp on a budget, then the Danelectro Honeytone guitar amp should be among your top choices. It is the cheapest amp.

Here are the main features:

The amp has a dimension of 152 x 76 x 152 mm and weighs 0.43kg only, thus very portable and has leather handles.

This amp features a 1×2″ speaker and has a total power of 1watts.

This amp has a dual power supply which includes a DC adapter or a single 9V battery. So, it favors both indoor and outdoor use.

The input/output of this mini amp includes a headphone and an instrument jack. It lacks an aux, though, and thus not suitable for practicing but perfect for playing.

Its controls include; volume, tone, and overdrive.

It has a unique design that gives it an extra character, an aqua color, and a stunning vintage appearance.

12. VOX amPlug 2 Guitar Headphone Amp

This mini amp is tiny, and you won’t even notice that you are carrying it. This mini amp is perfect for those who don’t need a bulky amp and need a very portable one.

Take a look at its features:

The VOX am plug 2 weighs 40g and has 86 x 31 x 80 mm. This makes it smaller than even your mobile device.

Due to its minute size, it doesn’t come with an inbuilt speaker. This has been compensated with something else.

Its headphone output jack allows it to connect with another amp speaker or other headphones, depending on what you want.

Its power supply is limited to two AA batteries, which can be used for up to 15hours, which is very long compared to others.

Its input includes the aux, which allows a user to add extra tracks, and therefore it can be used anywhere.

The amp allows for multiple effect use like delay, chorus, and reverb.

It has four control knobs: volume, tone, gain, and one used for other effects.

This amp remarkably imitates the Vox AC30, and thus buying it will guarantee a user some of the features found in that model.

It is made up of 3 amp simulators.

VOX AP2BS amPlug 2 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier...
19,099 Reviews
VOX AP2BS amPlug 2 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier...
  • Connections: headphone out, aux in
  • Power supply: AAA batteries x 2
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 3.39 x 3.15 x 1.22” (86 x 80 x 31mm)

13. Monoprice 611705

Are you a tube fan? Then when looking for a mini portable amp to buy, you should consider the Monoprice 611705 amp. It is also the cheapest and the smallest tube amp.

Here are the Monoprice 611705 amp main features:

This tube amp is the heaviest and the largest, with a weight of 6kg and dimensions of 305x310x210mm.

Due to its size, it houses a compelling 8 Celestion speaker that has a 5Wattage output power.

In its preamp section, it contains an ECC83/12AX7 preamp tube.

Its power section is also made of a 6v6GT power tube that only delivers an unpredictable, natural sound unique to this top-notch amp.

The amp has an adaptor power supply only and does not run on batteries, thus not suitable outdoors. Its power is limited to 1wattage.

The amp comprises a low/high guitar input, on/off switch, tone and volume. The tone knob is used to balance treble and bass, controlled by turning from left to right.

Monoprice 5-Watt Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier...
575 Reviews
Monoprice 5-Watt Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier...
  • As the title indicates, this guitar amplifier features a 5-watt tube power amplifier...
  • It uses a ECC83/12AX7 preamplification tube and a 6V6GT power tube for the amplifier...
  • The amplifier handles frequencies between 80Hz and 10kHz, with hum and noise -75dB...

14. Marshall MS2

This mini portable guitar amp is the best micro amp; it is perfect for those looking at a guitar amp that they can carry every time they leave the house.

It is among the most miniature solid-state guitar that you can find in the market.

Take a look at its features:

It has a dimension of 110x140x60 and weighs 0.34kg only, thus very portable.

It has a tiny body that houses a 1×2 speaker, and its output power is also small, just at 1 wattage.

It is suitable for practicing in a quiet environment due to its little power output because if set to a louder volume, its clean channel will have interfered.

It has a headphone output, and so it can be played while walking on the streets or in noisy areas.

Its small size enables it to be carried easily as the batteries can be attached to the guitar straps. Its power can also be supplied using an AC adapter, so there is no need to exhaust your batteries indoors.

It produces an original recognizable Marshall Overdrive and clean sound. This is a plus on its classic Marshall look.

Being a solid-state amp, it has a sound generator option compared to digital amps.

The front panel of this amp has 3 knobs, one is for volume, tone and the last one is used for activation and changing from clean to overdrive.

It, however, lacks an AUX input, and thus it cannot backtracks to play along, so guitar players who are not solo performers will need another device with this function to play along.

The mini portable guitar amp comes in three color types: silver, standard black, and red.

Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered Micro Guitar...
4,874 Reviews
Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered Micro Guitar...
  • Battery Operated (Best with Polaroid 9V Batteries)
  • 1 Watt
  • Volume & tone control

15. Harley Benton Rockplug

If looking for a cheap version of the Vox Amplug 2, the Harley Benton Rockplug will sort you out. Lots of its features are similar to the top-notch Amplug 2 from VOX.

This audio amp converter can be found and bought from thomman.de.

Let us take a look at these features:

The dimension of this amp is 80x30x15mm, with a weight of 50g making it very portable.

It is made with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can last up to 15h which is quite long and perfect for outdoor use.

It also contains a USB port used for charging and connecting it to other sources. It has a led indicator that shows when the battery is fully charged.

In addition to its instrumental jack and its standard aux-in and headphones, this amp also has a second adapter that can be used to connect to dual headphones and hence can be listened to by two people simultaneously.

The mini portable guitar amp is made up of three control knobs: drive, volume, and tone.

It is made up of an analog overdrive circuit.

16. ZT lunchbox junior

If you are a jazz musician looking to buy a mini portable guitar amp, this one is for you. Awe-inspiring features characterize the amp;

Take a look at its features:

This amp has a dimension of 197x 112×165 and only weighs 2.3kg.

It has an output power of an unbelievable 35W and can be played anywhere without consuming the battery.

The power of this mini portable guitar amp is derived from its exclusive 5” ZT custom-made speaker. The power offers three choices: using the cable for recording or playing in gigs, using at home or in the studio.

This amp also has the option of using a 12V battery and is great outdoors.

It also has a car adapter cable for those who like to practice when traveling and prefer not to use the battery.

Its input includes an aux-in for inputting audio files and a headphone output that is good for silent practicing.

The mellow sound of this mini amp is controlled using a simple three-knob panel for tone, volume, and gain. The amp also has a power switch and an on/off speaker on its back.

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