The 13 Best Acoustic Bass Guitars to Buy in 2021

Are you an acoustic bass guitar enthusiast? Then you are in the right place. An acoustic bass guitar is a fundamental bass instrument that produces a unique sound. This instrument has been in the market and resembles the ordinally acoustic guitar that has hollow-bodied.

Unlike the electric guitar, any guitarist who has used this music instrument before can attest those acoustic bass guitars still hold their charm in the market. Acoustic bass guitars are a perfect musical instrument for those people who play music in small bars or restaurants.

This review will cut across the 15 best acoustic bass guitars in the market.

1. Ibanez AEB10E

Ibanez AEB10E
Image Source: Bhphotovideo

The AEB10E acoustics bass guitar is a great deal to any guitarist. This music instrument offers a distinctive tone and comes with Fishman Sonicore electronic system.

The AEB10E is known to have a combination of Sapele back and a spruce top. That is why it has a robust tone through the mids and bass. Nevertheless, this guitar has an outfitted bass with a Fishman Sonicore electronic system to capture every natural nuance.

Also, it uses a ¼ -inch XLR output to ease its connection with any bass amp, recording rig, and PA system.

The Ibanez AEB10E comes with its advantages to the user. When you are using this guitar, you have a choice to play it soft or hard. It can also produce a vast array of sounds and stays in tune for a long.


  • Produces an impressive sound when connected to an amp
  • Looks good
  • It is versatile and would suit pros, intermediates, and starts
  • Solid, positive turners


  • It does not work well at high speed
  • Its frets are a bit sharper

The Ibanez AEB10E bass guitar can be purchased from Guitarcenter.

2. Fender Kingman (V2)

Fender Kingman (V2)
Image Source:

Are you looking for an attractive acoustic bass guitar? Then it would help if you considered having a fender Kingman guitar.

This guitar is known for its mahogany, slim-taper that has a C-shape Fender Jazz Bass neck. The guitar is best suited for a guitarist who is in the process of transiting to an electric.

However, unlike another acoustic bass guitar, it has an extra body depth of 4″, which you must get used to it. The design is a cutaway that allows you to access the upper finger with ease. Besides, it is laminated using mahogany back and side to give it a dynamic and brightness.

When you plug this bass guitar into an amp, you will experience its versatility with its control over volume, phase, treble, middle, and pretty usable tuner. Although this Kingman V2 may not be for everyone’s taste, any guitarist who has played this acoustic bass can attest that it is smooth and fast to play. It is also well-built with a wide range of excellent sounds.


  • Comfortable 30.3
  • It has a smooth, fast, and slim taper Fender Jazz neck
  • Has a gig bag


  • It has Fender jazz that is not similar to another acoustic bass guitar.
  • He has a neck that is a little on the heavy side

The Fender Kingman (V2) can be purchased from Guitarcenter.

3. Spector Timbre

Spector Timbre
Image Source: Guitarcenter

Suppose you are looking for an acoustic bass guitar with sonic qualities, rich sound, and a bit of experimental EQ and amp setting. Then Spector timbre is what you need.

This acoustic bass guitar comes with a sound hole that is not at the center. The soundhole is located on the top corner and has an oval shape. The designer of this soundhole believes that Spector has more solid mass sound.

Furthermore, Spector has laminated mahogany back and sides, a three-piece mahogany neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. However, it has an amplified sound courtesy of onboard preamp system, bass, notch, middle, brilliance, and phase control.

The guitar has an extra mass, which means it has 34” in length and 5” deep. As a result, it has extra mass but has deep bass, bright highs, and Clear Mids.


  • Fishman press +EQ is excellent
  • Has a comfortable and smooth neck
  • The quality full-bodied acoustic bass sound


  • It is cumbersome to some guitarists
  • It does not have a strap pin at the top

The Spector Timbre bass guitar can be purchased from Guitarcenter.

4. Dean EAB

Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar - Natural
108 Reviews
Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar - Natural
  • 34-inch mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard and pearl dot inlays
  • Dean passive preamp with volume and treble controls
  • Celluloid rosette and body binding

If you are looking for the cheapest acoustic bass, the margin Dean EAB is the best acoustic bass guitar for any budget-conscious and convenient guitarist.
Besides, the guitar has a 34” scale length and offers the guitarist a pretty basic volume and tone control regulator.

Furthermore, the guitar sound is superb when amplified or unplugged. The corners are cut on the electronics, and the build quality is erratic.


  • The price is lower
  • Among the famous brand of acoustic bass guitar


  •  It does not have a strap peg
  •  Has an erratic quality

Bottom Line

The Dean EAD is a fair choice for any guitarist who is budget-conscious. However, when you buy this guitar, you will need to adjust to make it superb.

5. Martin BCPA4

Martin BCPA4
Image Source: MusicStore

Suppose you are looking for a high-end acoustic bass guitar with four strings, then this is your ultimate choice.
The BCPA4 is a super acoustic bass that a guitarist will enjoy all the way. Its sound is amazing and has an appealing style superb. Also, it provides comfort while you are playing it.

Furthermore, with a long scale body, it can pack a lot of sounds. Also, it has solid spruce that offers brightness as the Sapele gives warmth to this great masterpiece.

Besides, martin has a solid build acoustic feature with a soft J-style cutaway. The top of this bass guitar is made of Sitka spruce, while it is laminated with Sapele. There is an epic black binding around the bottom and top bass.

In addition, the neck joins are 17 frets featuring a solid fretboard with a nut of 1.58’’. The bass features a Fishman FI analog electronic with tone control, simple volume on the upper bout.


  • Excellent build
  • Fun instrument
  • Unplugged tones are fuller and louder


  • Expensive for an instrument used occasionally
  • Stills require a plugin

Bottom Line

This acoustic bass guitar is usable by regular performers who are after premium quality and superb features. I would recommend it to a person with a budget that can acquire it. That is why BCPA4 is not a bass for anybody with a low budget.

6. Alvarez artist AB60CE

Alvarez artist AB60CE
Image Source: Musiciansfriends


Alvarez Artist AB60CE is a unique acoustic bass guitar. It is mahogany back and sides, scalloped bracing, and Sitka spruce top delivers a whole, open tone, a massive low-end, a nice punch, and superb resonance.

This bass features a warm, punchy, and resonant cutaway with a comfortable 32″-scale neck that is carved from mahogany and capped with a rosewood fingerboard.

The artist series uses the excellent L.R. Baggs Stage Pro and Element pickup EQ system to help the bass provide a straightforward and versatile amp capability.


  •  It has a smooth and playable neck
  • Features a high-quality hardware
  • Impressive playability


  • The quality of the laminate can degrade over time
  • It lacks a hard case or gig bag

Bottom Line

Alvarez artist AB69CE is an excellent option for players looking for a comfortable, reliable, and great-sounding acoustic bass guitar.
The high-quality make coupled with LR Baggs electronics makes it a great bass to have. Regardless of your musical style, this acoustic bass will cope with anything you throw at it.

The Alvarez artist AB60CE can be purchased from Musiciansfriend.

7. Taylor GS Mini-E Acoustic-Electric Bass

Taylor GS Mini-E Acoustic-Electric Bass
Image Source: Sweetwater

Another unique acoustic bass guitar is Taylor GS mini-E. With a scaled-down design, the GS Mini offers a great tone and comfortable playability.
This guitar is very compact, lightweight, and extremely easy to use.

Moreover, due to its size and weight, it makes excellent travel bass. In addition, Taylor’s GS Mini-e has quality construction and materials guarantying the instrument’s durability. Its sides, neck, and back are built from layered Sapele, and the top is from Sitka spruce.

It also has an ebony neck and fingerboard that provides incredible playability. Both kinds of wood deliver an excellent tone while offering stability and durability to the guitar. It features a neck with a patented NT design that produces an epic amplified tone. It has a non-cutaway design that gives it more of a traditional.


  • Produces excellent acoustic bass sound
  • It has a simple yet elegant design
  • Sturdy material that guarantees durability


  • ES-2 may need some setup to maximize the output level
  • Small size may put off some people

Bottom Line

Taylor G3 mini is a real investment for anyone looking for a portable and durable Acoustic electric bass.
This six-string guitar is light, easy to use, and made from solid material. Also, it features a super ES-B system that provides excellent amplified acoustic tone.

The Taylor GS Mini-E Acoustic-Electric Bass can be purchased from Sweetwater.

8. Fender FA-450CE

Fender FA-450CE
Image Source: musiciansfriend

Are you planning to buy the best acoustic bass guitar for under $500? The 450CE does not look like a Fender bass. The Fender used a larger body with a single-cutaway to make the acoustic bass look modern and presentable.

Furthermore, the 450CE is a budget-level model that gives a guitarist who wants to try this acoustic. Also, it works best for any person who wants to transit from a guitar to bass.

This bass comes with a mahogany back and sides. Not to forget the three-shade sunburst maple top that has some attractive cream binding.
The solid mahogany is the tonewood of choice for the neck, and the fingerboard is made from Laurel. Nonetheless, the laurel fingerboard is a mid-range acoustic bass guitar.


  • It has an excellent tonality
  • High-quality build
  • Affordable


  • Bags are purchased separately
  • Low-quality strings

Bottom Line

With this model of acoustic bass, Fender delivered a quality instrument. Also, any guitarist who has used this bass can attest that it has a solid sound built on quality bass hold.

The Fender FA-450CE can be purchased from musicianfriends.

9. D’Angelico premier series Mott single

D’Angelico premier series Mott single
Image Source: Guitarcentre

The model mott D’Angelico premier has earned a place among the best acoustic bass guitars in the market.
Although this D’Angelico brand is well known for producing mid to high-end hollow six-string guitars, the premier mott was an epic instrument ahead of its predecessor.

The body is laminated with mahogany from the top and back sides. Also, the instrument has an elegant auditorium shape, and it is large enough to give you enough volume for days.

Further, the robust mahogany neck gives this instrument durability and stability. It is also covered with a boom made of snorkeling, an Indian hybrid rosewood with the same qualities as the original rosewood.
For smooth adjustment, the top part is equipped with Grover super-automatic adjustment.


  •  It has Grover super-automatic regulators
  • It has a preamp system with an advanced feature set
  • A slim neck shape neck is ideal for playability free of the wrist-ache


  • No hard case
  • Sketch factory setting

Bottom Line

The D’Angelico mott single is a well-built stylish acoustic bass guitar that comes perfectly at a fair price. However, it has a single-cut sound that is appealing with several functions that allow the guitarist to access each of the 20 frets easily.

10. Gold-Tone M bass

Gold-Tone M bass
Image Source: Goldtonemusicgroup

The M Bass 25 is one of the best acoustic guitars by gold-tone. This guitar has some exciting details, such as; it is a short-scale bass that produces sound attributes.

The tone is also a wholesome tone paired with our dreadnought style making this acoustics bass unique. Furthermore, when you plugin, it has a built-in transducer pickup that does a great job of conveying the natural sound of this guitar.

The product Gold Tone is a four-string acoustic bass guitar. It is made up of mahogany on top, back, and sides. The neck is also made from mahogany and uses a scale length of 20″. In addition, the fretboard uses rosewood with 20 frets. The short-scale is much closer to a standard acoustic guitar and the best choice for intermediates and refined guitarists.


  • Solid sound
  • Nice design
  • Unique


  • Short scale
  • Fretless

Bottom Line

The Mbass25 offers a rich experience to the player. Also, the sound delivery is perfect for any performance.

The Gold-Tone M bass can be purchased from Goldtonemusicgroup.

11. Ovation Elite TX B778TX

Ovation Elite TX B778TX
Image Source: Keymusic

The TX B778TX is one of the best acoustic bass guitars in 2021. The bass guitar has a mid-depth and distinctive design. Also, it has a contoured body with quality structure and decorative elements.

It features a robust spruce top and a mid-depth composite Lyrachord on its sides and back, enabling the bass to deliver a balanced acoustic tone. Also, that body construction affects the overall sound of the guitar plus its volume projection.

The instrument also has multiport sound holes on its bass string that enhance lower-frequency projection during a performance.

The Acoustic Bass guitar is lightweight, resilient, and provides maximum performance. It has a comfortable maple neck that makes it easier to play with the guitar. Also, the OP-Pro preamp and OCP1 combo enhance live performance.


  • It has excellent sound, especially when amplified.
  • The Interesting and stylish look.
  • It is affordable.


  •  Some people don’t like its thick neck.

Bottom Line

Ovation Elite 1778TX is a great affordable guitar with an iconic look. Moreover, its sound is superb, especially when amplified. However, its shape might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The Ovation Elite TX B778TX can be purchased from Keymusic

12. The Washburn AB5K

The Washburn AB5K
Image Source: Midlothianmusic

This acoustic bass guitar is one of the beauties in this list of acoustic bars. This musical instrument also has a great sound. The AB5K uses a spruce top and mahogany back like most of the bass guitars in the market.

Furthermore, the AB5K has a preamp that helps a guitarist connect it to any bass guitar amp. It is also 44” long, making it fit in most acoustic guitar cases. The guitar has a standard rosewood bridge that is vital in giving the strings the stability it requires.

The nut is made of cheaper plastic material that exposes to grinding after a short while of use.


  • Incredible sound either plugged or unplugged
  • The equalizer is easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Cheap nut
  • Tuning stability issues

Bottom Line

The acoustic bar is popular for any purpose, such as country music. Be that as it may, its affordability makes it more available for a guitarist who loves acoustic bass guitars.

The Washman ABK5 can be purchased from Midlothianmusic


Image Source: hifisoundconnection

The ESP LTL4ZNAT is one acoustic bass guitar that has a unique design. The exterior is well designed, and the inside sounds great. This acoustic bass uses a Fishman Sonicore pickup with a TL3 preamp.

The body of this acoustic bass is made from mahogany, while the top is from zebrawood, with a body that is 34’’ long and features 22 jumbo frets.


  • Solid and elegant styling
  • affordable
  • High-quality sound


  • Require amplification
  • Price may put off some people

Bottom Line

The ESP LTL4ZNAT is one of the best acoustic bass guitars you can find in the market. It is affordable, has an elegant style, and produces high-quality sound.

14. Fender CB-60sce

Fender CB-60sce
Image Source: Sweetwater

To start playing acoustic bass guitar, buying a CB-60sce beginner Acoustic bass is the best way for you to begin your journey. However, Feder Cb-60sce exceeds the expectation of a learning bass guitar by its quality.

Besides, this bass uses mahogany back and sides. Also, it has a solid spruce top, and like many other six-strings guitars, it has a tapered, easy-to-play neck. However, it has four bottom strings on the octave lower.

In addition, it has treble and bass controls with volume that gives a neat sound. Also, the tuner is built-in with LED displays.


  • Easy to play
  • Fair price
  • Delivers nice tone


  • It does not have enough sound when used without amplification.

Bottom line

Essentially this guitar makes good use of the Fishman pickup and preamp system. This means that it includes several onboard controls you can use to amplify your acoustic bass without necessarily compromising its pure and resonate tone.

Nonetheless, if you are a learner, this is the best acoustic bass guitar as you start your journey in music.

The Fender CB-60sce bass guitar can be purchased from Sweetwater.

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