FREE Vocal Loop Package

A collection of outstanding female and male vocals. Useful for hooks and background audio to give your music that extra spark.

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Frequently asked questions​

This vocal sample pack is completely free to download. There are no hidden ploys or small prints that you have to agree to. Simply click the download now button and fill in your email address. The sample pack will be sent to the email that you provided.

This pack includes a variety of samples and loops that you can use to produce beats and to enhance your music.

The free vocal sample pack is released under the creative commons license. You are free to share your work for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Credit must be given where possible. You cannot redistribution the samples unless they are combined with a beat or track that you have produced. If you have any licensing questions, please contact us

You are free to share the samples in this vocal pack as long as they are provided in a beat or track that you have produced. This sample pack cannot be redistributed as a collection. If you have any further questions, please contact us

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