16 Best Karaoke Games for Your Next Party

Are you planning to host a party and looking for ways to spice it up? If yes, then you won’t go wrong if you through in some Karaoke games.

But with so many karaoke games to choose, from, finding one that suits your party can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, today you have clicked the right page.

We have researched on your behalf and compiled a list of the 16 best karaoke gams to include in your next party.

1. Karaoke parody

This is one of the most interesting karaoke games to include in your upcoming party. It is not only interesting but also very engaging.

How to play

Karaoke parody involves mixing famous songs. You then subdivide your attendees into groups then test their lyrical prowess by giving them a list of classic tunes and hits. Each team must alter the lyrics but sing following the tune.

If you want to make your karaoke party unforgettable, you must include karaoke parody in your list.

2. Blind sing-off

Another fun way to spice your party is by asking the attendees to participate in a blind sing-off.

How to play

Set up three chairs behind the singer where the judges will sit. The chairs should face the opposite direction

Singers will then perform a song and will try as much as possible not to sound like themselves. The judges will then vote to identify the singer’s voice.

Each singer in the completion will perform the song, and the judges will be required to identify them correctly. The judge who identifies most singers correctly wins the competition.

3. Singing contest

Just as its name suggests a singing contest involves identifying singing contestants who compete for a prize.

This game is simple and does not need complex equipment.

How to play

All that is needed is a melody. The contestant will then sing to the tune.

You can set up a judge bench, or you can allow all attendees to give a vote.

The contestant who gets the most votes wins the competition.

4. Karaoke Mix up

This karaoke game is super fun and incredibly easy to play.

How to play

All you need to play this game are two bowls, pens, small pieces of paper, and a good setup.

Write different songs on each paper, then put the paper in the bowl.

Each contestant will then pick a paper from the bowl randomly.

Each contestant will then be required to perform the song that he/she has chosen.

The player who sings the song well, according to the melody wins the game.

To make this game more enjoyable, choose different songs from different singers.

5. Karaoke roulette

If you are inviting many people to your party, then this is one of the best karaoke games to play.

How to play

The game comprises of writing all participant’s names on a piece of paper then you put them into a bowl.

Shake the bowl, then picking one name from the bowl. The person who is picked will then be required to come and sign the chosen song.

This karaoke game is super fun, especially because of the surprise and suspense that it brings to the attendees.

Everyone in the group will be nervous because they are not sure if their name will be picked.

6. Karaoke Musical chairs

This karaoke game combines the ever-interesting game of chairs and the artistic expression of karaoke.

How to play

This karaoke game involves one player selected to sing a song in which some lyrics are missing.

Meanwhile, another group of players walk around the chairs and are required to sit on the chair when the singer sings the missing lyrics correctly.

The number of chairs is usually fewer than the number of players scrambling for a seat.

The players who are unable to find a chair to sit in are eliminated. This game continues like that until a winner emerges.

7. Don’t forget the lyrics

As the name suggests, don’t forget the lyrics require the singer to identify the missing lyrics of a given song given to him/her.

This game is fun and very easy to set up.

How to play

All you need to do is write your favorite song on a piece of paper then skip a few lines of the song.

Write different lines on a piece of paper then put them in one bowl. The player will be required to identify the correct missing lyrics of the song.

When a player finds the right lyrics, he/she will then have the liberty to choose any person from the crowd to sing the song.

8. Music Quiz

This is a great option especially if you want your guest to take a break from karaoke performances.

This game will help you identify the person who can identify the most songs played.

How to play

Choose someone to be the quiz master then play a song on a loudspeaker. The contestant will be required to correctly identify the song and the artist.

At the end of the quiz, the contents will score the most points become the winner.

9. One-word wonder

If you are looking for a karaoke game where everyone at the party will get involved, then this is the right game for you.

This game is super easy to play and does not require any equipment.

How to play

Divide all members of your party into two groups. Choose a popular song then randomly select any line in the lyrics of the song.

Each team will then have to choose a contestant who will sing the song with those words in it.

The two teams should complete unit one team that runs out of ideas.

10. Name that song

This karaoke game is simple but fun.

How to play

Play a song, and the contestants are will be required to identify both the song title and the artist.

This game is also, especially if you want everyone in the party, including those who are shy to participate.

This game also helps to enlighten everyone at the party about a certain song and the artists behind them.

11. Bad lyrics

Some people tend to use inaccurate lyrics to a song.

How to play

This fun karaoke game intends the players to do that when given a song to sing but in a way that it sounds natural and flows with the song’s melody.

The person who comes up with the best bad but unique lyrics takes the crown.

12. Guess the album

Most people know the title of the song of their favorite artist, but very few know the name of their albums.

This game will help to identify people who know the name of the album of various artists.

How to play

A song will be played, then the participant will be required to identify the name of the album to which the song been played belongs. The person or team that gets the most answers correctly wins the game.

13. Statue

The statue is a very interesting karaoke game that will amaze all your guests.

How to play

Divide people into groups with one person moderating the game.

Play a song, then let each team dance. The person moderating the game will then pause the music at the point of his/her choice, and the competing groups will then be required to become statues (freeze).

The moderator should then do his/her best to unfreeze the team, and the team that gives in first will sing the rest of the song.

14. Costume karaoke

This karaoke game involves having your guest come dressed as the singer of their choice.

The whole party will be based on their costume and your guest at the party will be required to identify who the artist is.

This karaoke game is similar to a Halloween party, only, in this case, a music artist theme is used.

15. Singing water

This karaoke game is simple but very interesting. The only requirement is water and people.

How to play

Players will have water filled in their mouths then be given a song to sing. Other participants will have to accurately guess the song that the singer is singing.

The person who correctly identifies the most song wins the game. However, when playing this game, you have to be careful not to spill water on yourself or other people close to you.

16. Song charades

This is one of the best karaoke games to include in your next party, especially if you want everyone to participate.

It is incredibly easy to set and does not require any equipment, just willing participants.

How to play

All participants need to get a partner. One person in the pair needs to think of a song and then illustrate it to their partner, but without making a sound.

The partner will then be required to identify the song being sung by his/her partner, and if he/she answers correctly, they earn a point. The team with the most points is declared the winner.

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