10 Best Music Mixtapes Apps For Android & iOS

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One of the great challenges that most mixtape lovers face is the freedom to listen to their favorite mixtape anytime they wish. For a long time, mixtape lovers could only access their favorite mixtapes from mixtape websites.

But thanks to technological advancement, it is now possible to listen to your favorite mixtape anytime you want via mixtape apps for android and iOS. But with so many mixtape apps on the market, finding one that suits your needs can be challenging.

Fortunately, today you are in the right place. We have reviewed dozens of music mixtapes apps and compiled a list of the 10 best music mixtapes apps for android and iOS.

1. Pandora

Download PandoraAndroid Devices – Google Play Store | IOS Devices – App Store

If you love mixtapes and want unlimited access to mixtapes of your favorite artists, then this is the right app for you. Pandora is a music platform designed to allow you to enjoy your favorite mixtape as well as get the latest news updates about your favorite artists.

Unlike other similar apps that only allow you to listen to music while your data is on, this music allows you to download your favorite mucus and listen to them later when you are offline. This means that you will have access to your favorite music 24/7 regardless of whether you are online or offline.

This all-in-one music app is designed to give you a personalized listening experience. You will have instant access to your favorite artists and podcast. Pandora will also update you on the most recent single and release from your favorite artists to ensure that you are among the first people to listen to the track.

Pandora dashboard is simple and very easy to use. With a quick tap, you can control media playback such as replay, skip, play pause, thumbs, and more.

If you are looking for an app that gives the best music experience, then look no further than Pandora.


User-friendly interface
Personalized music experience
It updates you on the latest music release from your favorite artists
You can listen to music even you are offline
Compatible with both android and iOS
Access to millions of songs


It is only available in the US, Australia, and New Zealand

2. Audiomack

Download AudiomackAndroid Devices – Google Play Store | IOS Devices – App Store

Audiomack is known for its vast database of mixtapes. This app has millions of music, meaning you will never miss what you are looking for.

One feature that we like about this mixtape app is that it is well organized. Although it has millions of music, finding your favorites music will not be a problem.

All you need to do is do a quick search to find your favorite track.

Additionally, this app usually tracks user browsing history and recommends music based on what the user likes. This means that you don’t have to create a playlist all the time to enjoy your favorite song.

Once this app knows what you like, it will always suggest tracks that suit your taste.

Additionally, you will be the first one to know when your favorite artist releases a new track. You will get a notification so that you are the first person to enjoy the track.

More so, this music app will update you on the latest news and trends about your favorite artists, meaning you will always know what they are up to.

You can also download your best new song, playlist, and albums for free and play them later when you are offline.


Completely free
You can download tracks and albums and palsy them later when you are offline
Access to millions of songs
The app is easy to use


The free version has ads, which is quite annoying.

3. My Mixtapez

Download My MixtapezAndroid Devices – Google Play Store | IOS Devices – App Store

This is one of the most used mixtape apps. Its popularity is mainly attributed to its special social network that allows users to interact with each other.

Besides allowing users to interact with each other, this mixtape app is user-friendly. Anybody, including those who are using it for that first, will not have a hard time using this app.

Users can also download their favorite tracks and listen to them later when they are offline. Downloads can be done even when the application is closed.


Easy to use dashboard
Access to exclusive tracks and albums
You can customize the app to suit your preferences
this application work with the best DJ
This app is free


Unnecessary updates

4. Datpiff


DatPiff Preview

Download DatpiffAndroid Devices – Google Play Store | IOS Devices – App Store

Datpiff has vast databases and a user-friendly interface. A first-time user will not have a hard time navigating through this app to find their favorite mixtapes, thanks to its ease of use.

This mixtape app has many incredible features aimed to make your experience fun and personalized. The large selection of albums and tracks means that you will never get bored when using this app.

Finding your favorite album or track on this app is incredibly easy. All you need to do is do a quick search on the search menu and your searched song will pop up in seconds.

If you are planning to travel to a place where there is no internet access, you can download your favorite music and listen to them later when you are offline.

Datpiff also allows users to send audio tracks to their friends and family via social media and email.


Extensive media library
Ability to customize your experience
You can download tracks and listen to them later
Compatible with Android and iOS
User-friendly interface


They sometimes take long to update the app

5. Spinrilla

Spinrilla logo

Download SpinrillaAndroid Devices – Google Play Store | IOS Devices – App Store

If you want to enjoy music from your favorite artist anytime, regardless of where you are, then Spinrilla is the perfect mixtape app for you. This music app boast of extensive media library with over 30 million tracks.

This app is also updated in real-time, meaning you will be the first one to know when your favorite artist releases a new track or album.

Spinrilla interface is simple and incredibly easy to use. You will always enjoy using this music app, thanks to its simplicity and ease of use.

Spinrilla uses an advanced algorithm that records the most searched songs by the user and provides the best music suggestions that suit the user’s preference. This means that you will not have to search for songs all the time.

Once the app knows what you like it will keep on suggesting tracks that match your taste.

Spinrilla is designed to give the user a more personalized music experience. Additionally, you can use this app to list your favorite mixtapes without the internet. All that you need to do is click the download button to download your favorite track.

All downloaded music will be saved in the application library and you can listen to them anytime when offline.


User-friendly interface
Compatible with Android and iOS
You can download music and listen later offline
Has extensive media library


You have to download all music that you had saved in the app when you purchase a new phone

6. DaMixhub mixtape and music downloader

Download DaMixHubAndroid Devices – Google Play Store | IOS Devices – App Store

Do you love listening to songs of different genres? If yes, then this is the right music app for you. This music app will allow you to enjoy songs of various genres including reggae, RnB, hip hop, electronic, and much more any time.

You can create a playlist, download it, then listen later when offline. Additionally, this high-quality mixtape app is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Another incredible feature about this music app is that it is free but does not run annoying ads as is the case with other similar music apps. This means you will enjoy your music without any distractions.

DaMixhub will also monitor your playlist and recommend to you songs that suit your preference. Additionally, the navigation menu of this music app works very well. Although it has a wide music database, finding your favorite song will be easy.


It is free and has no built-in ads
You can download your favorite tracks and listen to them later offline
User-friendly interface
The search in the app is incredibly fast
Access to musics of all genres


Updates sometimes take time

7. Live mixtapes

Download Live MixtapesAndroid Devices – Google Play Store | IOS Devices – App Store

Live mixtapes is a social network with thousands of mixtapes. This platform is not only meant for listeners but also for artists. Artists can share their tracks with a wide audience.

Users can listen to the track on this app or can download them and listen to them later when they are offline.

One of the reasons why this mixtape app is so popular is because it allows users to closely follow the work of their favorite artists. You will also know the last news about your favorite artist in real-time

However, if you plan to download a track from this application, you must first register. The registration process is simple and will only take you a few minutes to complete.

You can subscribe to your favorite artist to be notified when they release a new track or album.


Large collection of mixtapes
You can interact with other users
Free listening
User-friendly interface


You must register to download songs

8. Pacemaker

Pacemaker app logo

Download Pacemaker: IOS Devices – App Store

The pacemaker mixtape app uses advanced technology that makes the entire experience spectacular. When you download this app, you will enjoy every single moment, thanks to the great features that it is equipped with.

This mixtape app has a subscription feature like YouTube, meaning you can fallowing your favorite artists and get notifications in real-time when they release a new song. Following your favorite artists also means that you will be the first one to know of any news about them.

The pacemaker has many incredible features that create an enjoyable and personalized experience. It also has an inbuilt feature that allows you to create your own mixes like a pro DJ.

This mixtape app will also track your music history and recommend new music that suits your taste. You can also share your favorite music with friends on social media platforms or by email.


You can share music with friends and family
Easy to use
It uses advanced technology
Subscribe to your favorite artist
Rich collection of mixtapes


The ads are annoying

9. Bon Entendeur

Bon Entendeur App

Download Bon Entendeur: IOS Devices – App Store

Bon Entendeur is a perfect mixtape app for people who want to interact with their favorite artists. This is one of the few music apps that connects musicians to their favorite artists.

Having close interaction with your favorite artist makes the entire experience enjoyable and memorable. Artists can share their experiences with their fans and bond with them on a more personal level.

This music app has a large collection of mixtapes, meaning you will always find what you are looking for. The app is also adapted in real-time.

So, when a new song is released, you can be sure that you will find it in this app.

You can also enjoy your favorite music and albums without an internet connection. All you need to do is download your favorite mixtape or album, then play them later when your mobile data is off.


It allows listeners to interact with artists
It has a vast music database
Easy to use interface
You can download music and listen to them offline


The ads are annoying

10. Next Hyype free independent music and mixtapes

Next Hyype Logo

Download Next Hyype: IOS Devices – App Store

Next hype is equipped with excellent features that make it stand out. Besides having a large collection of music and mixtapes, this app will also recommend to you new songs that suit your preference, meaning you will never get bored.

This music app has many interesting features for users. For instance, every Monday, you will receive a 30 track recommendation based on your search history. This is just one of the many incredible features that you will enjoy.

Next hype also allows users to download music and mixtapes and listen to them later offline. However, before you enjoy the features of this app, you need to first sign up.


It recommends music based on your search history
Easy to use
It has many great features
Has a wide collection of music and mixtapes


You first need to sign up before you enjoy the app’s features

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