73 Most Popular Karaoke Songs of All Time

Singing karaoke can be fun and exciting but sometimes stressful and embarrassing. Arguably, the fun comes in when you strain and embarrass yourself making the embarrassment a good thing here.

Many individuals spend their time in bars and clubs attending karaoke, some for fun while others try to use the opportunity to learn how to sing.

Moreover, not all karaoke songs are meant to be sung by anyone, that’s why you choose a song for karaoke. Read on to discover some of the best karaoke songs of all time you may choose for your next karaoke party.

1. Love on the brain

This song sang by Rihanna is a popular choice for many karaoke lovers. In this modern soul classic, Rihanna seems drunk and she seems like she won’t make it to the chorus.

However, momentum kicks in and she does. Perhaps this is the main reason many people choose this song for karaoke lovers. You might just need to get some whiskey before singing to this Rihanna classic.


2. Picture

Kid rock featured Sheryl crow in karaoke lovers. If you have been at a club or bar during karaoke, by any chance you must have heard this song.

If you are planning to sing this song for your next karaoke, you will require heavy vocals done by kid rock alongside the beautiful lyrics.


3. Billie Jean

Billy Jean by the legendary Michael Jackson was released just when karaoke had begun reaching several countries from Asia. Perhaps a reason why the song is popular in many karaoke parties.

However, most of the time this song is performed poorly, maybe due to the unique voice of Jackson that only a few can try to cope up with.


4. I will survive

Gloria Gaynor’s song from the early ’80s is rumored to be the most common song in karaoke’s to date. Singing this song in karaoke’s not only brings joy but also attracts group singing.


5. I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Almost all Whitney Houston songs qualify for karaoke songs but this one in specific tops them all.

With the high vocals of Whitney that few have tried singing to, this may bring light to your next karaoke.


6. Wonderwall

This song by Oasis is an easy karaoke choice for many, especially group singing which may easily bring the show to a standstill.


7. Africa

Weirdly, many millennials love this song as a choice for karaoke. Maybe they do understand Toto’s words despite the age difference after all.


8. Build Me Up Buttercup

The foundations and joy and happiness when they sang this song. It is a popular choice for karaoke, especially for the ladies.


9. I’m Too Sexy

Right Said Fred seems to have had karaoke in mind with this repetitive and easy choice of song. The repetitions make it easy for many to sing and enjoy karaoke parties and bars.


10. Uptown Girl

This easy-paced song by Billy Joel may be a good choice due to the slowness to which many can sing.


11. Angel Of the Morning

This song by Juice Newton has had many covers done to it. This is also the main reason many choose it for karaoke. Movie scenes have also adopted this song for karaoke.


12. Emotions

Mariah Carey is never disappointed with releasing soft and classic songs which suit karaoke. However, this song, “emotions”, does not go unnoticed in bars and karaoke parties.


13. Don’t Stop Believin’

This is a rock song done in the ’80s by Journey the musician. Performing it in karaoke may make the crowd go wild and possibly join in the singing.

The vocals are easy to catch and perform while the lyrics are quite straight.


14. Summer Nights

The Grease Cast band produced this song literally during a summer night. No wonder it is majorly requested on karaoke nights.

It can be best performed by a group since the original singers are a band.


15. My own worst enemy

If you feel quite low and enraged over life issues, pick this song for your next karaoke. It is a classic done by Pink.


16. Heard it through the grapevine

This song might need two individuals to sing because one may have to take the lead while the other does a background. “Honey honey” are the words.


17. Wannabe

This is hit by the spice girls can be done solo or with a group during karaoke.


18. Hit Me with A Rhythm Stick

A classic by Ian Dury and The Blockheads has been used in various karaoke parties and occasions. The song is quite easy to sing and the notes are not that high.


19. I Believe in A Thing Called Love

This is a song usually performed quite poorly by many individuals but often chosen in karaoke. The vocals are quite quick and can sing out of tune most of the time, but with proper practice, it is an easy song to perform.


20. Hurt

Christina Aguilera brought emotions to this song. It has high keys, so be prepared to get high with the notes here.


21. Under Pressure

Under pressure is a brilliant choice for a karaoke song. It can be performed by either both men or a lady and man. The song is essentially easy to perform because the vocals are not stressful.


22. Ebony & Ivory

Surprisingly, this rock song performed by two great musicians is chosen to be a great song for karaoke. Nevertheless, the song is easy to sing and perform.


23. Dilemma

Perhaps one of the biggest RnB hits in the late ’90s, this is one super song for karaoke. Men can perform the Nelly part while ladies do the Kelly Rowland.


24. Fairytale of New York

This song by the Pogues & Kirsty MacColl is not only played during the December holidays but also karaoke nights and parties.


25. No Diggity

A hip-hop song that is loved by karaoke fans, No Diggity was done by Blackstreet featuring Dr, Dre.


26. Lose Yourself

Many karaoke lovers try to sing like Eminem, precisely rap like him. This makes this song fun for such occasions.


27. California Love

Many hip-hop fans also try to imitate 2pac and Dr. Dre when singing this song. California love can easily bring the crowd to a standstill.


28. All I want for Christmas is you

Now you know that this song is not only popular for the Christmas season but also at parties, especially karaoke.


29. Bohemian rhapsody

This ultimate classic by Queen is a catch for many karaoke goers.


30. I like it

De Barge knew how to bring chills to their listeners. This song is performed by many karaoke fans trying to woo ladies and even pursue them with the song. Probably if you sing and perform better with it, you may land your soulmate at your next karaoke night.


31. Give me one reason

Whether you have bad or soprano, you are certain to perform this song to your best, as long as you remember the lyrics well while on stage.


32. Let us dance

You could easily lead everyone to the dancefloor while performing this song. You may spice up by tagging along with your guitar if you are a serious performer.


33. Sweet Caroline

Neil Diamond produce this song that was actually like the second anthem to the United States. Perhaps it is the main fuel to it requested at possibly every karaoke.


34. It’s raining men

It is quite absurd that the singer’s group name speaks of climatic conditions too just like the song title. This weather girls’ song is a hit, proper for karaoke.


35. Single ladies

This song by Beyonce is easy to sing. It has dominated the karaoke universe for a while now and it surely is not headed anywhere.


36. Dancing queen

ABBA is a popular brand in the music industry, this song can turn around heads when performed in karaoke.


37. Don’t stop me now

This is one of the easiest songs by Queen to perform, the reason it is mainly requested by many karaoke lovers.


38. Torn

This is a 90’s classic by Natalie Imbruglia is loved by the ladies. It is a popular song at karaoke parties.


39. Hit Me Baby One More Time

Brittney Spears performed this song in the early ’90s and to date, it is performed in many karaoke nights and parties. That is how much popular the song is.


40. Love shack

Since 1989, this song has remained popular due to the requests by karaoke fans. If you are looking for a super-easy karaoke song, then this is it.


41. I Love Rock and Roll

You cannot mess up this song. Even the most amateur individuals in singing can perform this karaoke choice of the song quite fluently.


42. Like a Prayer

This song has an intense and emotional tone that attracts many. Madonna performed this song many times and it is requested to date in karaoke.


43. Angels

United Kingdom citizens love this song by far than any other country. It is rumored to be requested a week in/ week out in many bars and parties of karaoke.


44. I want you back

This song can be performed with a little dance to spice things up. If not, be sure to ignite a dance among the karaoke fans.


45. Don’t go breaking my heart

Elton and Kiki did a good job producing this song. It has caught many teenagers’ hearts to date and requested in many karaoke parties.


46. Bye bye bye

if you’re interested in making anyone in karaoke smile, then sing this song.


47. Girls just want to have fun

Cindi Lauper did a great job with this song. Many girls, especially teenagers have a blast with it in karaoke.


48. Man, I feel like a woman

Men often sing to this song in karaoke.


49. Mr. Brightside

If you want to turn up the crowd in karaoke, then use this song.


50. Party in the USA

As the title of the song suggests, this song creates parties!


51. In Da Club

A song by 50 Cent the rapper, is requested in various karaoke parties. Certainly, whoever sings and raps to this song can be a good singer. It falls under the album “get rich or die trying” and it got many views and listens back then, still does.


52. September

A love song that was done by Earth, Wind, and Fire. They ask if you remember the 21st day of September. This song can be catchy especially if the karaoke night happens on the 21st night of September too.


53. Get Down on It

I have sung this song in Karaoke and it turned out a perfect choice. The repetition of the chorus “get down on it” makes it easy to sing and perform.


54. Disco Inferno

This is a song that stirs in Saturday night fever. No wonder it is a favorite for many in karaoke.


55. Le Freak

Chic was inspired by being kicked out of a popular nightclub in New York. Funny enough his song went straight in and is claimed by many for karaoke nights. Certainly, even in the same club, he was thrown out from.


56. I’m Coming Out

Favorite for many, it was done by Diana Rose who wore amazing dresses during her performances. These performances have been passed down to karaoke.


57. Boogie Wonderland

Earth, Wind, and Fire featured emotions in this song. It is a disco type of song and can be performed easily in bars making the crowd rise to dance.


58. Ring Of Fire

Johnny Cash’s songs are favorable for karaoke, but this hit has stuck in many peoples’ choices for a while now.


59. Take Me Home: Country Roads

Performed by John Denver, “take me home” is a piece of countryside music perfect for karaoke. It is best performed by individuals from West Virginia, who extremely love the home song.


60. Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley


61. Love story – Taylor Swift

Perhaps one of the most loved recent songs of our time, it is highly regarded as the best in karaoke.


62. These boots are made for walking – by Nancy Sinatra


63. Friends in low places – by Garth Brooks


64. Old man – by Neil Young


65. Sweet Transvestite – by Rocky horror picture show


66. Do you hear the people sing? –by Les Miserables


67. Alexander Hamilton – by Hamilton


68. Cabaret- by Hamilton


69. Come what may – by Moulton Rouge


70. It is a hard knock life – by Harney


71. A million dreams – The greatest showman


72. Here comes your man – Pixies


73. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus


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